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Complimentary 3D Xray and Metal Free Implant Consult during February and March

Dental Implants

Dental Implants Permanently Replace teeth. Find out what our Implant Specialists can do for you today. Implants can replace a single tooth or create an entire New Smile with Full Mouth Dental Implant options such as All on 4 Dental Implant Bridges and a Full Mouth of implants and Zirconia Crowns and Bridges. We now offer Metal Free Zirconia Implants and conventional Titanium. What separates our Implant Dental Office from others is we do Tooth Replacement with Implants as One Service at One Location by One Tooth Implant Specialist.

Oral Surgeon Services

We have 3 Tooth Implant Dentists who remove teeth and perform bone grafts and gum grafts. Wisdom teeth removal, teeth broken off at the gumline, Impacted teeth removal? We provide any service related to tooth removal and tooth replacement.  The best time to replace a tooth with a dental implant is the day of extraction. We now recommend Platelet Rich Fibrin or PRF to accelerate and improve healing during dental implant surgery and bone graft surgery. Ask our Dental Implant Surgeon about PRF during your consultation.

Sedation for Implants

Find out about our Sedation Dentistry options for Implant Surgery. Our Tooth Implant Specialist can do Full Sedation for Dental Implants. Is it necessary to get put to sleep for dental Implants? Most of the time we use a local anesthetic just the same as if you were getting a filling. For larger Implant cases such as a full set of upper teeth implants or All on 4 Implants, sedation for dental implants may be preferable. We have tooth implant dentists who will sedate or put you to sleep with full IV sedation for dental implants for your comfort if necessary. We also have twilight sedation for implants if that is all you need. Your comfort is and care is our primary concern.

Rockville MD Dental Implant Dentist

Dental Implant Specialists

Implant Dentists specialize in removing and replacing teeth with Permanent Dental Implants.  If you are looking to find a local Implant Dentist, you have found us – Rockville Dental Implant Center. Rockville Implant Center is a One-Stop Dental implant Office near North Bethesda. Our Implant Dental Specialists are trained in removing teeth and providing permanent tooth replacement options. The Implant Dentists do implant surgery and permanent tooth implant crowns. We can replace single teeth with dental implants or an entire set of upper teeth with a permanent full implant bridge. Permanent Implant teeth last a lifetime, will not decay, and will provide permanent fixed tooth replacements that last a lifetime. End your smile problems and pain today. During the months of January and February  2018, we are doing free dental implant consults including a 3D Xray.

We now offer Metal Free Zirconia Dental Implants as well as conventional Titanium Implants. Zirconia implants are sometimes called Ceramic Dental Implants or Metal Free Implants. Zirconia Implants are tooth colored, very biocompatible and make it possible to replace teeth without using metal.

Did you know Rockville Dental Implant Center was the first ever Dental Implant Center in Rockville Maryland? Yes, long before national chains like Clear Choice ever got here. We provide a personal experience and custom solution for each of our patients. We will file your Dental Insurance too. You will only pay out of pocket what we are not expecting to get from your insurance company.

What To Expect at your Dental Implant Consult:

implant specialist You will meet one of our Implant Specialists

who will personally review your case and determine what you need. It all starts with an evaluation of your Smile. The implant doctor will ask questions to determine what permanent tooth replacement options is best for you. For example, if you want permanent implant teeth that stay in your mouth, we will not price out a removable implant denture. We will arrive at a personalized teeth implant plan that will meet your expectation. Not all implant solutions are the same, or for that matter, created equal. The Implant Specialist will determine what permanent tooth replacement option is best for you.

Your tooth replacement plan will take into consideration many things:

  • The importance of Saving Natural Teeth. How important to you is saving your remaining teeth? Sometimes it can be less expensive to remove and replace all your teeth with permanent teeth implants.
  • Length of Treatment Time. You do not want to wait forever or go through more than 1 surgical procedure.
  • The Cost of Dental Implants. How much do dental implants cost anyway?
  • The Quality of the Result
  • Future Maintenance Costs
  • Longevity of the your case.
  • Sedation for Implants if Necessary. We offer full sedation for people with dental anxiety.

Metal Free Zirconia Implants vs Titanium

Yes we can replace a full mouth with permanent dental implants with metal free zirconia dental implants

zirconia implant dentist

Bone Grafting for Dental Implants

We will take a 3D Xray aka a Cone Beam CBCT to determine if you will need bone grafting for dental implant surgery to be successful.

cone beam for dental implants

Gum Grafting for Dental Implants

may be be necessary to maintain gum health around implants and possibly to achieve a better cosmetic dental implant result.

PRF for Dental Implants

prf for dental implants PRF can improve success rates of implants and increase bone attachment to new placed tooth implants. PRF stands for Platelet Rich Fibrin. PRF for implants is derived from the patients own blood. We take a small blood sample and spin it in our centrifuge for 13 minutes at 2700 RPMs.

At the completion of the Implant Consultation, we will determine what needs to be done, how long your dental implants will take to be completed, how much it will cost and we will set a reasonable expectation for the end result.  We look forward to providing you with a Permanent Implant treatment plan that will meet your expectation.

Meet the Implant Dentists

Dr. Gary Adams

Dr. Gary Adams

Dr. Adams has successfully placed thousands of dental implants including Metal Free Zirconia Dental Implants and Titanium Implants. Dr. Adams has completed many cases involving full mouths of dental implants. Dr. Adams is very skilled at bone grafting with dental implants, tooth removal of any kind including impacted wisdom teeth and gum grafting. Dr. Adams does fixed implant teeth cases as well as implant dentures. Dr. Adams passion is creating new permanent smiles with dental implants. Dr. Adams has been trained in the newest PRF techniques that utilize the patients own blood to purify white blood cells, platelets, fibrin and growth factors to help healing implant and extraction sites. Finally, Dr. Adams is also a Holistic Dentist who can help your entire family with your general dental needs such as dental cleanings and fillings.

Dr. Kimberly Baer

Dr. Kimberly Baer

Kimberly A. Baer, DDS is a Holistic Dentist who was born and raised in Maryland. She received her undergraduate degree from University of Maryland, College Park and her Doctoral degree in Dental Surgery from the University of Maryland. Dr. Baer has a Master’s Degree in Biological Medicine. Dr. Baer is a Sedation Dentist who practices IV Sedation Dentistry. Dr. Baer is Accredited by the IAOMT and follows the Safe Amalgam Removal Protocol. Dr. Baer is also Certified in DNA Appliance Therapy.

Dr. Jennifer Tipograph

Dr. Jennifer Tipograph

Jennifer Tipograph, DDS is a caring, passionate dentist treating patients at Rockville Dental Implant Center in Rockville, Maryland and the surrounding communities. She applies her passion for dentistry to ensure the highest standard of treatment for each of her patients and enjoys working with children. Dr. Tipograph is Accredited by the IAOMT and uses the Safe Amalgam Removal Protocol. Dr. Tipograph is also certified in DNA Appliance therapy.

Schedule Dental Implant consultation

Call the Rockville Dental Implant Center at 301-770-0407 or schedule an Implant Consultation with our Implant Specialist. In preparation for your Implant consultation, bring your drivers license and your insurance card.
Call 301-770-0407

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Adams is a great dentist — he listens and remembers you when you walk in the door. i was very impressed by his friendliness, and professionalism.

Brian Danton

Patient Testimonial

Dr. Adams and his staff are extremely professional and such a pleasure to be around. They do everything in their powers to make you comfortable and to make sure you understand your health and treatment plans. For the first time, I enjoying going into the dentist office!

Patrick Nealy

Patient Testimonial

I had my wisdom teeth removed & a few fillings done. Had a great experience overall. Dr. Adams gave great care, and maintained a well thought out holistic (as possible) approach & provided good follow up recommendations. I definitely trust these good folks with my dental care. They are also thoughtful & understanding for those of us who get a bit nervous at the Dentist! Thank you for another positive experience.

Samantha Zurbuch

Patient Testimonial

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