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Permanent Tooth Replacement with Implants in Rockville

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Rockville Dental Implant Center located in Rockville Maryland is a full service Dental Implant Office. Our goal is to simplify the process of replacing teeth with Dental Implants under one roof without needing to see an implant surgeon in a different location. Our Implant Dentists Can handle tooth replacement cases from start to finish, saving you time, money and often producing a better result. We can replace one tooth or a full mouth of teeth with dental implants. Now we offer metal free Zirconia dental implants by Zeramex.

At our implant center, our Implant Dentists will personally start and finish your case.  Rockville Dental Implant Center is one of few true Dental Implant Centers and we are quite unique in that we can handle all phases of replacing your teeth with Dental Implants in Our offices.

In most dental offices a dentist will refer their patients to another dentist such as a periodontist or oral surgeon to place the new root / Dental Implant after which the patient will need to return to the referring dentist to receive Dental Implant crowns.  Each of the three Implant Dentists in our Dental Office are trained to place Dental Implants and the Dental Implant retained Crown and Bridgework or place the actual teeth, hence the term Dental Implant Center. 

At other Dental Implant Centers, such as Clear Choice, the patient will be seen by two different Dentists at the same facility: one dentist will place the new root or Dental Implant and another dentist will place the Dental Implant Crowns. Successfully placing Dental Implants requires perfect communication between treating dentists when more than one dentist is involved in the treatment.  It also may cost more money, take more time and require more visits when more than one dentist is involved in Dental Implant therapy.  At Rockville Implant Center, we believe we have the best process where one dentist will both place the Dental Implant and Tooth Implant Crowns.

Rockville Dental Implant Center has a solution whether you are missing one, some or all your teeth.  Our Dental Implant treatment process facilitates functional, esthetic tooth replacement in a minimum number of appointments.  In many cases, we can replace teeth with Dental Implants the same day natural teeth are extracted.

Contact us today to schedule a no cost consultation.  we will personally evaluate your case and determine your best treatment option.  Every case is different, however I will do whatever is necessary to achieve the best result for you.  At the end of your consultation, you will understand your treatment plan, how it will be completed, how long it will take and how much it will cost We look forward to meeting you.

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