Bone Graft for Dental Implants? Can I get an Implant Without the Bone Graft

bone graft for dental implants

Is it necessary to get a bone graft to get a Dental Implant?

We’re asked this one all the time, and many of our patients are surprised to hear the answer. Most likely, no—you will likely not need to get a Bone Graft, should you elect to have a Dental Implant Surgery

It is true that many dentists will add Bone Grafting material to an area before placing a Dental Implant. This is an ‘old school’ approach that is still commonly done. In some cases, it’s still necessary to do a Bone Graft.  The question is, “is there enough Bone for placement of a Dental Implant?”  This question can be very subjective and case by case or even site by site in the same patient’s mouth.  For example, if a tooth does not have enough gum around it when they smile it will not look good.  If the same tooth is a front tooth, the site will need a Bone Graft for Cosmetic Dentistry reasons.  If the same tooth is a back tooth, the implant may not need a Bone Graft for cosmetic reasons.  In this later example, there may be adequate bone for a Dental Implant a no need for a Bone Graft.

In many cases, however, we see Bone Grafting as unneeded and expensive procedure that greatly slows down the process of tooth replacement. Thanks to new types of Dental Implant materials that are available, all we need to work with, in order to place a Dental Implant, is 4 mm of bone width in many cases.

In cases where there is not enough bone to work with, in order to successfully place a Dental Implant, it is possible in some cases that Bone Grafting material could be necessary to make a site in the jaw more suitable for tooth replacement with implants. In cases where Bone grafting is necessary, we use PRF or Platelet Rich Fibrin which helps bone and implants heal stronger and faster. PRF is derived from the patients own blood and is a holistic dental procedure.

For patients who require Bone Grafting for Dental Implants, placing Implants will take a little longer. In order to build up the jaw’s bone structure enough to support a Dental Implant, part of the process involved may require waiting for a patient’s bone graft material to become properly integrated with the rest of their bone structure. This process may take months.

There are usually many possible approaches and strategies that an experienced implant dentist can take; for a more specific look at your case, please schedule a consultation with us. Call 301-770-0407 and schedule a Complimentary Consultation.

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