Individual Implants

We Now offer Metal Free Zirconia Dental Implants as well as Titanium Implants. Replacing a single tooth involves placing a dental Implant, and an Implant Crown, which is connected to the implant by an “Abutment.”

Implant Bridge

Permanent Implant Bridges can replace spans of teeth with multiple Dental Implants, Abutments and spans of Implant Teeth. Implant Bridges are the treatment of choice to replace spans of 3-6 teeth where other natural teeth still remain.

Full Mouth Implants

A Full upper or lower set of teeth can be replaced with a group of Permanent Implants (usually 4- 6 Implants) and a Full Mouth Implant Bridge ( aka All on 4 dental implants ) and sometimes individual crowns and bridges.

Dental Implant Specialist in North Bethesda Maryland

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What is the difference between All on 4 and Dentures with Implants?

All on 4 uses 4-6 implants to permanently replace a full set of upper or lower teeth. Implant Dentures are not permanent and need to be taken in and out of the mouth. Dentures with Implants are made of acrylic or plastic and have a tendency to feel fake and big. All on 4 implant bridges are usually smaller and can be made of Zirconia and Porcelain. Some All on 4 bridges are made of acrylic, but technology is available to mill All on 4 teeth out of a solid block of Zirconia which is very strong and has a very natural feel and appearance. Implant Dentures Cost less money and the implants can be used later to do an All on 4 case.

What is the best way to get a Tooth Replaced with an Implant?

Have the bad tooth removed and an implant placed immediately on the day of tooth removal. This called immediate implant placement. Immediate placement technique preserves gum and bone levels, saves time, often saves money and who wants to go through two different oral surgeon services – tooth extraction and dental implant surgery.

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