Options for Full Mouth of Dental Implants:

Implant Crowns and Bridges

A full mouth of teeth can be replaced with a Full Mouth of Dental Implants with several individual tooth implants and small dental implant bridges and individual crowns. A New Smile created with individual implant teeth feel like natural teeth and have the same chewing function as natural teeth. Tooth implants and implant bridges can be done with metal free Zirconia Implants or Titanium Implants.

All on 4 Dental Implants

All on 4 Dental Implants is a complete upper or lower full mouth dental implant bridge. All on 4 Dental Implants traditionally is a one piece permanent full implant bridge supported by 4 dental implants. We recommend All on four cases be done with at 5 or 6 dental implants. All on four dental implants requires all teeth in the jaw to be removed.

Implant Dentures

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