Full Mouth Individual Tooth Implants and Bridges

full mouth dental implants

Replace a Full Mouth of teeth with Dental Implants, Crowns and Bridges

A full mouth of teeth can be replaced by placing 20-24 individual implants, implant teeth crowns and bridges. This full mouth implant solution is the best solution because it most closely mimics the look, feel and function of natural teeth. The implant teeth are small, smoot and thin and a comparable profile to natural teeth. The full mouth solution is permanent and very durable. The teeth are cleaned like natural teeth with the same brushing and flossing strategies. This full mouth solution of tooth implants is also the most expensive because it involves expensive zirconia crowns and a lot of teeth implants and implant abutments.

The benefits of this full mouth dental implant alternative are;

  1. very thin and comfortable teeth
  2. teeth that function and feel like natural teeth
  3. hygiene is the same as natural teeth with the same brushing and flossing as natural teeth
  4. durable teeth that do not stain or discolor over time
  5. teeth stay permanently in the mouth
  6. very minimal bone loss since there are lots of implants for bony support

Cons of Full mouth of individual implants and crowns:

  1. very expensive
  2. lots of implant surgery and possibly bone grafting
  3. requires lots of bone for all the implants

Very few patients will do this case due to the cost. Some may also not have the bone and also not willing to do extensive bone grafting. This full mouth option will definitely not work for people who have been missing all their teeth for a long time.

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