Implant Dentures is the most inexpensive full mouth implant option

Dentures with Implants is the least expensive way to replace teeth with full mouth implants

implant dentures in north bethesdaImplant Dentures are removable Teeth Bridges or Dentures retained by Dental Implants and attachments called implant locator abutments. Basically a full upper or lower set of natural teeth can be replaced with 2 – 4 implants, a removable Denture / Bridge and locator attachments. New Teeth in a Day can be achieved and a patient will not go without teeth. If Teeth need to be removed, implants will normally be placed at the same time and a set of temporary teeth will be inserted. It will not be necessary to go without teeth.

implant dentures are also sometimes called implant locator dentures.  The Best way to do implant dentures is 2-4 implants for a full lower set of implant dentures and 4 implants to replace a full set of upper teeth.

Other full mouth dental implants include All on 4 implants and full mouth of individual implants.


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