Implant Dentures is the most inexpensive full mouth implant option

Dentures with Implants is the least expensive way to replace teeth with full mouth implants

implant dentures in north bethesdaImplant Dentures are removable Teeth Bridges or Dentures supported and retained by Dental Implants and attachments called locator abutments. Basically a full upper or lower set of natural teeth can be replaced with 2 – 4 implants, a removable Denture / Bridge and locator attachments. New Teeth in a Day can be achieved and a patient will not go without teeth. If Teeth need to be removed, teeth implants will normally be placed by a tooth implant dentist at the same time and a set of temporary teeth will be inserted. It will not be necessary to go without teeth.

implant dentures are also sometimes called implant locator dentures.  The Best way to do implant dentures is 2-4 implants for a full lower set of implant dentures and 4 implants to replace a full set of upper teeth.

Implant Dentures Vs All on 4 Tooth Implant Bridge:

Implant Denture Pros

The biggest disadvantage to Dentures with tooth implants is they are “Removable.” Implant dentures have many advantages.

  1. Dental Implant Dentures are removable – being removable can be an advantage. The can be easily cleaned because they can be removed, cleaned and re-inserted. Permanent All on 4 and other permanent full mouth implant teeth need to be cleaned in the mouth. Bridges require special floss and brushes. If a piece of food gets stuck under an implant bridge, it can be irritating and difficult to remove.
  2. Dentures cost less to make than other full mouth implant options
  3. Implant Dentures require fewer mouth implants and less jaw bone
  4. Implant Dentures are quite stable and if made properly, will not come dislodged during chewing and mastication
  5. Dentures are easy to maintain and inexpensive to repair in the event of a breakage.
  6. A new set of implant dentures can be made for a small fraction of the cost of a full mouth zirconia or porcelain bridge.

Dentures with Implants Cons:

  1. Dentures are removable and people like teeth that stay in their mouth
  2. More bulky and thicker than full mouth porcelain or zirconia bridges
  3. Denture patients continue to experience bone loss over time. Especially where there are no implants in the jaw.
  4. Acrylic Dentures feel more “fake” and like “plastic.”
  5. Locator Dentures require at least bi-annual maintenance where the plastic inserts in the denture attachments need to be replaced.
  6. Acrylic is a semi-permeable material and over time will absorb bacteria and food and drink matter. Acrylic will stain, discolor and begin to have a foul smell.

All on 4 with Zirconia such as Prettau / Bruxzir Pros:

  1. Permanent and do not need to be removed
  2. smooth thin natural feeling material
  3. very durable
  4. does not stain, discolor and smell over time
  5. much less bone loss
  6. better chewing function and support
  7. does not move at all during chewing

All on 4 Prettau or Bruxzir Cons:

  1. not removable and more difficult to clean than removable implant dentures
  2. requires more implants and tooth implant surgery than dentures
  3. requires more bone to be successful and bone graft surgery with PRF may be necessary
  4. more expensive by far than implant dentures. Likely 2 times as expensive than dentures with implants.

Other full mouth dental implants include All on 4 implants and full mouth of individual implants.


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