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wisdom teeth removalThe types of Tooth Extractions:

  1. Erupted tooth Removal. Removal of a tooth that is above the gumline and completely visable in the mouth.
  2. Soft Tissue Impacted Tooth Removal. Extraction of a tooth that is partially or fully covered by gum.
  3. Bony Impacted Tooth Removal. Extraction of a tooth that is partially or fully covered by bone.
  4. Root Tip Removal. Extraction of a tooth where only the root or roots of the teeth remain.

bone graftThe types of Bone Grafts:

  1. Bone Grafts with Implant Placement. Dental Implants are best placed at the time of extraction. Typically bone grafts along with PRF will be placed at the time of extraction to repair any bone defects and help the implant to heal properly.
  2. Bone Grafts with removal of teeth. Preserves bone for future implant placement and helps bone heal properly.
  3. Bone Grafts where there is not enough bone for an implant. Builds a volume of bone either in the mouth or in the sinus to create bone for implant placement. This is by far the most expensive and complicated bone graft. Sometimes called a block bone graft.

gum graftThe types of Gum Grafts:

  1. Gum Grafts to gain gum tissue to improve the appearance of a smile. Gums can break down around front teeth, leaving dark unsightly holes in the smile. Gum Grafts can restore the strength, volume and tone of gum tissue in between front teeth.
  2. Gum Grafts to gain connected tissue around teeth and dental implants. Sometimes when there is gum disease or prior extractions, valuable attached gum tissue can be lost. Patients can experience loss of tissue tone around teeth and implants. There can be irritated sore gum tissue, bleeding gums, food getting stuck in between and around teeth. Often a Gum Graft can restore the strength, volume and tone of gum tissue around teeth and dental implants.

prfPlatelet Rich Fibrin or PRF Treatment for Implants and Tooth Removal Sites:

PRF is beginning to be a more popular oral surgeon service. PRF is made by spinning a small amount of the patients own blood in a centrifuge for 13 minutes at 2700 RPM. PRF is the concentration of white blood cells, fibrin and platelets. PRF is the consistency of thick jello. It is placed into implant surgery sites and tooth extraction sites to promote faster healing of the jaw bone. PRF accelerates the rate of bone healing and decreases the chance of bone infections after surgery. Tooth Implant Procedures with PFM, heal faster with less pain and swelling and may even experience a superior result. PRF should be placed in any extraction site and any implant site with a bone defect or where there is a reasonable chance of healing complications.

Sedation for Teeth Implants and Oral Surgery

We offer Full Sedation Dentistry for any procedure. Sedative Dentistry may be encouraged for longer Oral Surgeon Services such as Multiple Extractions, multiple dental implants and bone grafts.

Do we do Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Yes. We do any procedures involving removing and replacing teeth – Wisdom Teeth Removal Included. We normally do not replace Wisdom Teeth with Dental Implants. We do see dental emergencies. We will do emergency tooth removal on the same day when patients are in pain. Many times we can do same day treatment and we do not always require a consultation prior to do tooth removal and dental implants. In fact one of our most common appointments is see a patient with a broken tooth and doing same day tooth removal, bone graft and dental implant placement.

root canal cystJaw Bone Pathology and Cyst Removal:

Occasionally Jaw Bone Pathology and even Cysts can be present. Some of the common places we find Cysts and Jaw bone pathology include:

  1. Root Canal Teeth
  2. Extraction Sites. Especially Tooth Extraction sites where Wisdom Teeth and Root Canal teeth were previously removed. It is important to remove these cysts because they are typically filled with bacteria, fungi and other pathogens. The cysts have blood supply and will feed the pathogens until both are removed.

The 2 most important principles of Oral Surgery for Dental Surgeons:

  1. Minimally Invasive Tooth Removal Technique. Protect and manage bone and gum. Part of tissue management is not damaging tissue during Oral Surgeon Services. Teeth should never be “pulled-out.” Teeth should be removed Carefully and Strategically – not forced out.
  2. Cleaning of Scar and Cyst tissue in the jaw bone during tooth extractions. Platelet Rich Fibrin, PRF , and Bone Grafts (when necessary) with tooth extractions and dental implant surgery.  The goal is to remove infection, repair damaged bone and replace missing teeth without losing any bone or gum. Once bone is lost it is very difficult and sometimes impossible to replace. The best way to preserve bone is to never lose. The best time to place a dental implant is at the time of tooth removal. Placement of the tooth implant root  by a tooth implant dentist gives the bone structure to prevent loss of valuable bone.

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