Is it normal to have Pain after getting a Dental Implant?

pain after dental implantIt is not normal to have significant pain after Dental Implant Surgery. Pain after Tooth Implant Surgery should be minimal or non-existent. There may be minimal pain the day of getting a dental implant and the night after giving way to mild to moderate soreness after the first 2 days. The soreness should be able to be managed with Ibuprofen or Tylenol. Your implant doctor should have given you an antibiotic after implant surgery. It is very important that you start and finish the antibiotics as prescribed by your doctor.

Pain Management Tips after Dental Implant Surgery:

After a Implant procedure there can be swelling, inflammation, infection and possibly pain. Here is what I recommend generically to my patients:

  1. start and finish the prescribed antibiotics after your implant procedure. The mouth is a dirty place and places like bone are exposed to bacteria in the mouth. The antibiotics are necessary to get rid of any bacteria introduced during the implant procedure.
  2. Take an anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen for 3-4 days to prevent swelling and pain. Ask your implant doctor, but taking ibuprofen or an anti-inflammatory before your implant procedure is a good idea to get ahead of swelling after implant oral surgery.
  3. take a pain killer such as Vicodin only in the event of intolerable pain, but do not stop taking the antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. The biggest mistake made is to stop taking the anti-inflammatory medications and only take the pain killers. The Pain killers only kill pain, but as soon as they wear off, there is still tons of swelling and therefore pain.
  4. if you are experiencing any major pain after your implants, you should contact your implant doctor, because it is rare to have a lot of pain after implant surgery.
  5. implant pain is rare, but it can be an early sign of implant failure and you may need to be evaluated by your implant dentist.

Tooth Removal, Bone Grafting and other procedures done with implants can cause symptoms after Implant Surgery

do dental implants hurtDepending on what other procedures you may have had, there can be more symptoms. Often times, dental implant surgery may be accompanied by tooth removal, bone grafting and gum grafting. Additionally if you had multiple implants and extractions performed your symptoms may be more severe. Other factors, may be the technique used by the Tooth Implant Dentist, the length of time your implant surgery lasted and your comfort level during the implant surgery.

For example if you had a bone abscess caused by a root canal tooth your dentist may have removed the tooth, did some bone grafting and placed dental implants. The implant dentist may or may not have had to do some incisions and stitches, etc. The more work done, the longer it takes, the more infection you needed to have repaired….all these things factor into how much a implant surgery hurts later. Generally, the more infection and pain before the procedure, the more pain after the procedure and the longer the recovery time after implants.

Implant Sedation can reduce pain after Implant Surgery

Your comfort level during the procedure matters too. Patients who are calm an comfortable and not nervous during the implant surgery, heal better and faster after the procedure. Often times it is better to receive some level of sedation for dental implants. There are different levels of sedation for implant surgery. We offer twilight implant sedation as well as full IV Sedation Dentist for implant surgery.

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