Sedation for Implants:

sedative-dentistWe offer Full Sedation for Dental Implants.

Sedative Dentistry for Implants in our office include:

  1. Full IV Sedation Dentistry
  2. Nitrous Oxide or Twilight Sedation
  3. Oral Sedation or use of a Sedative pill.
  4. Oral Sedation + Nitrous Oxide Sedative Dentistry. The administration of an Oral Sedative in Dental Sedation is not always predictable. If the patient is not sedated adequately, the use of Nitrous Oxide titration can be used to get the desired level of sedation.
  5. Oral Sedative followed by Full IV Sedative Dentistry. Sometimes it is necessary to use an oral sedative pretreatment prior to initiating IV Sedation in the Sedation Dental Office.

Does the Sedative Dentist need to Put me to Sleep to do Dental Implants?


Is Sleep Dentistry and Sedative Dentistry for Implants Safe?


What to expect during my Sedation for Dental Implants appointment?

What to expect after my Sedation for Dental Implants appointment?


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