Single Tooth Replacement with Implant in North Bethesda

What is the Best Way to Replace a Tooth?

The best way to replace a single tooth is with a permanent single tooth implant.  A tooth implant permanently replaces a tooth and the end result is a dental implant the looks, feels and functions like an individual natural tooth. If done properly, Dental Implants are indistinguishable from natural teeth. We replace hundreds of single teeth with dental implants every year. We offer metal free Zirconia Dental Implants as well as Titanium Implants. If you are looking for a local implant specialist near North Bethesda Maryland, we can help you.

tooth implant specialist in North Bethesda

When Should I get a Dental Implant?

The best time to get a dental implant is usually at the time of tooth removal. The natural tooth should be removed very carefully so as to preserve bone and gum tissue. The tooth extraction site needs to be cleaned and the site evaluated by the dental implant specialist. Often times there will be scar or cyst tissue from past infection that needs to be cleaned from the site. There may also be bone loss and the need for bone grafting. Most of the time the Implant dentist can place an appropriate sized dental implant into the tooth extraction site along with a bone graft on the same day. This is called an Immediate Dental Implant Placement.

PRF or Platelet Rich Fibrin with Dental Implants

prf for dental implantsWe also have new techniques using Platelet Rich Fibrin to help implants heal faster and stronger. PRF aka Platelet Rich Fibrin is a holistic implant procedure where platelets, fibrin, white blood cells are concentrated by spinning the patients blood and preparing for placement along with the dental implant at the time of dental implant surgery.

Implant Planning to Identify vital Structures such as Nerves and Arteries

Prior removing a tooth and placing a dental implant, the dental implant dentist will take a 3D Xray to properly plan for tooth removal and immediate placement of a dental implant. A 3D Xray aka Cone Beam CBCT scan is a necessary image for proper planning of dental implant surgery.

tooth implant specialist in north bethesda

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