What are Zirconia Dental Implants?

zirconia dental implant





Dental Implants are artificial roots that hold crowns in place. Originally, these Dental Implants were made of titanium. Today, a relatively new type of Dental Implant is made of a specialized ceramic called zirconia. Zirconia Implants offer some advantages over titanium, and eliminate some possible drawbacks to titanium.

What are the advantages of Zirconia Dental Implants?

As a ceramic, zirconia will not corrode or deteriorate over time. Zirconia is also considered to be more ‘biocompatible’ with the body than metal.  Many Holistic Dentists prefer to place Zirconium Dental Implants over Titanium Dental Implants.  As a non-reactive non-metal, we consider Zirconia Dental Implants to be a perfect option for everyone who needs an implant, especially those who already know that they are chemically sensitive or metal sensitive.  Occasionally titanium or Metal Dental Implants can shine a metallic color through thin translucent gum tissue.  Zirconia Implants are tooth colored, making them the ideal material for patients with this condition.  Most dental crowns today are made of zirconia or another ceramic.  It is preferable to have like materials making contact within the mouth, making Zirconia Implants the best type of Dental Implant for patients who already have ceramic crowns. Also, for patients who have metal fillings, Zirconia Implants are the preferable type of Dental Implant as it is not ideal to have multiple types of metals in your mouth.

Is a Zirconia Dental Implant as durable as a Titanium Dental Implant?

Yes. Some companies that make the type of ceramic implants we use go so far as to claim that zirconia is “bulletproof.” We have not independently verified this claim. The use of zirconia as a material for Dental Implants is relatively new, however, this material has been used in hip replacements and other types of joint replacement for decades.

What’s the difference in cost between Zirconia Dental Implants and Titanium Dental Implants?

Zirconia Implants are a little more expensive due to the cost of the parts. On average, Zirconia Dental Implants are about 40% more expensive than Titanium Dental Implants. Zirconia Implants also have more limited manufacturer product warranties. If you have Dental Implant Insurance, Zirconia Implants get the same insurance coverage as titanium implants.

Zirconia Dental Implants vs Titanium Dental Implants

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