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Zirconia Tooth Implant Specialist Discusses: What is a Zirconia Implant?

Zirconia Implants vs Titanium Dental Implants

Zirconia Ceramic Dental Implants are the best dental implants to replace teeth in the smile zone. Zirconia is also the best implant for sensitive patients who need biocompatible materials. Zirconia is the cosmetic dental implant

Titanium Implants should be considered when the patient is a bad tooth clencher or where there may be more excessive pressure on tooth implants. 

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What is a Zirconia Ceramic Dental Implant?

Some call it the Natural Dental Implant or the Holistic Dental Implant. Others Call Zirconia Implants the Cosmetic Dental Implant. All the names derive from the fact that Zirconia is a White, tooth colored and metal free material. Zirconia is metal free and does not corrode or conduct electricity. Zirconia is also called the Hypoallergenic Dental Implant because there are no known allergies to Zirconia. Many conventional titanium implants contain nickel and other trace metals making them less suitable for people who have sensitivities. Recently, studies have suggested that some titanium implants may corrode and eventually fail do to bone inflammation around a metal implant.

Zeramex Metal Free, White Cosmetic Zirconia Dental Implants

With the newest generation of dental implants, the company Zeramex has finally brought Zirconia and Metal Free implant dentistry out of the dark ages and into modern implant dentistry with their P6 two piece Cosmetic Zirconia Implant system. Implant dentists could not be more excited about this new implant system. Basically the new implant system enables us to deliver a metal free, tooth colored tooth replacement option that was only possible before with titanium dental implants. With this new system, the implant dentists can even replace a full mouth of permanent teeth implants with a metal free full implant bridge (aka All of 4 ). So, Yes it is possible to do All on 4 with Zirconia Implants.

What are the benefits of Zirconia Dental Implants?

Why not just use titanium dental implants? Titanium implants have been used since the 50s…if it isn’t broken, than don’t fix it. Yea, Yea and some still believe the earth is flat…

Zirconia Dental Implant Pros vs Titanium:

  1. It is Tooth Colored and more esthetic
  2. Metal Free, so will not react electronically ( galvanic reaction ) with other metals in the mouth.
  3. More Biocompatible. Titanium is biocompatible, but Zirconia is on the average more biocompatible and friendly to our Immune Systems
  4. Allows for a tooth to be replaced with one material top to bottom. Now our implants, abutments and crowns are all Zirconia. Mixing and matching materials creates the potential for more material reactions.

Why do Zirconia Implants Dentists choose Zirconia aka Ceramic Dental Implants?

Really for all the above reasons and patients really want tooth replacement options that are tooth colored and biocompatible. Now with the new Zeramex P6 Implant we can meet patient expectations without compromise and with a very practical easy treatment for our patients.

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Zirconia Vs Titanium Implant

The major benefits for the Zirconia Tooth Implant Specialist  and the patient are well described above.

Titanium Implant Pros

  1. Metal implants are less likely to break because metal bends a little and it is not nearly as hard as Zirconia.
  2. Metal implants are a little less expensive
  3. Metal implants come in many different shapes and sizes

Is there a such thing as a Zirconia Tooth Implant Specialist?

Zirconia Implants are definitely placed differently than titanium implants. The crowns are also fitted differently than titanium implants. The bite needs to be adjusted differently than titanium implants too. It is advisable to seek a dentist who has experience in placing Ceramic Implants and not just any implant specialist.

Is performing Zirconia Implant Surgery any Different than Titanium Implant Surgery?

There is definitely a difference between the training for a Zirconia Implant Dentist vs a Titanium implant dentist. Zirconia Implant dentistry is more specialized and most Zirconia Implant Dentists have placed hundreds if not thousands of Titanium Implants.

What is the advantage of a Metal Free Zirconia Implant?

Really ultimately teeth can be permanently replaced with either Titanium or Zirconia. Zirconia Dental Implants are more biocompatible, metal fee and tooth colored. Depending on the patient and the situation Zirconia versus Titanium may or may not be advantage.  In fact the end result may be the same. For example, if a bicuspid ( not in the smile zone ) is to be replaced in a patient who does not have an allergy to Titanium and who does not clench their teeth, really either implant material is suitable. If the patient is more sensitive to metals or materials in general, the Zirconia Implant would clearly be the better option. If the bicuspid is in the smile zone, the zirconia implant is the better option. If the patient is a severe clencher with many missing teeth, the titanium is less likely to crack. It is important to consider each situation and to use the best implant available for the given situation.

Metal Free Implant Dentists discovered Zirconia, a specialized Ceramic material, is accepted as a permanent tooth replacement material into human bone and gum. Zirconia Implant Specialists have seen 4 different generations of Zirconia implants ( aka ceramic implants ). Some of the earlier generations of Ceramic Implants did not integrate well into the jaw bone and there were technical problems with the connection between the top crown portion of the tooth replacement and the dental implant root replacement. With the new generation of Cosmetic Dental Implants by Zeramex, Zirconia Implants have all the advantages of a titanium implant but are tooth colored, non metal and white.

At the very least Zirconia Implants should be used to replace teeth in the smile zone and in patients who have metal allergies.

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